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PEACHY TERRAZZO Neoprene Beach + Picnic Mat
PEACHY TERRAZZO Neoprene Beach + Picnic Mat

Ninon Designs

PEACHY TERRAZZO Neoprene Beach + Picnic Mat

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Ninon Designs Neoprene Beach + Picnic Mat
The most versatile mat you will ever own. Use it as a picnic blanket, a beach mat, or even as a blanket on those chilly nights outdoors or early mornings out on the boat. 

Inspired by timeless terrazzo. A dusty semolina background with flecks of pink sand terrazzo, ruby wine, burnt orange + peach makes this one a show-stopper. Our in-house FAV and I think it will be yours too!

Family Size
Our mats have been upgraded to 1.4m (width) x 2m (length) and fold to the size of a standard beach towel. It might be family sized, but believe us when we say it’s still lightweight at just under 1.3kg & squishy enough to fit in a beach bag or pram basket.

Neoprene – water resistant + lightweight
Made from neoprene (wetsuit material), our mats are lightweight, water resistant and quick dry. Our top layer has been upgraded to a waterproof fabric to help with food spills and grubby little hands.

Super soft + Sand free
Neoprene means our mats are ultra soft & squishy. No more sore bums, & whilst we’re on that note, no more sandy or wet bums either. Sand shakes straight off and water won’t seep through your mat from the ground beneath.

EASY PEASY JAPANES-EE! Just spray a little dish washing liquid or mild detergent and hose off on the back lawn. Hang to dry in the shade. Ensure your mat is completely dry before storing. Always use COLD water as heat can distress neoprene.

Designed in Perth, Western Australia
All of our designs are designed in-house with limited numbers in each collection. This means your mat design stays exclusive, but it also means we sell out, QUICKLY! So the biggest decision you have to make – is which one to choose before it sells out. Happy Shopping and thank you for supporting small business!