Customer Love

When we asked our customers what they LOVE about their Ninon Designs mat, this is what they said…

Where do I even start.. Firstly congratulations on your amazing product and little business. You have the most amazing customer service and I am still so appreciative of your efforts to help our mat arrive before our first family holiday. Secondly the Mats are absolute perfection from the design/ material /construction. Simply beautiful. I have recommended too so many friends. Thank you!
Everywhere I go, friends ask about the mat!! I love how versatile it is, and how kid friendly and easy it is to use. Plus super stylish! We love our mat!
Kirsty – Perth 

I got one as a gift from a friend! And couldn’t believe how easy it is to fold and shake off after a beach day! Bonus points for folding down small to fit in the pram with the 328 other items needed at the beach.

I love how easily it packs away and can be kept in the car. We get it out at every park trip and beach trip and picnic, it makes life with a toddler so much easier and it's a breeze to clean! 
No sand and no washing machine 
Love the original design, each time I use it I get complemented on how nice it is!
Love my @ninondesigns mat and have only had it a short amount of time. Having two crazy,dirty,jumping,fun loving boys,this mat takes it all where ever we are and it even scrubs up perfect ready for our next adventure.

So light, great size and easy to clean!!

I love LOVE my mat! It’s the perfect size, nice & big but then folds to nothing so it’s easy to store. The neoprene fabric is great for the beach & the park & I always get loads of compliments on it! 

I have two already!! And although it may seem selfish - I would love another one!! I have one I keep for home and one I keep in the car. Would love to use another one to have for the kids cubby house. I can go on and go about your mat design. The quality and versatility in its use would have to make it the best product on the market by far. 

I love everything about this mat! I love the colours, how small it folds up leaving plenty of room for all the other crap I have to take in my beach bag. But the best thing about this mat is how easily the sand flicks off it.

The material feels thick and soft and the print is stunning! It folds up small to fit into the basket of my pram but can easily accomodate my little family. This mat is easily the best purchase I’ve made in a while, many more family memories will be made sitting on this mat. 

These mats are so strong and easy to clean and look fabulous on the lawn in Dunsborough!!!!

I LOVE my @ninondesigns mat! I took her to the park, to the beach, and to grassy wineries and breweries. My daughter ate her first piece of birthday cake while sitting on her and I was able to brush the mess right off. I loved her because she was washable and bright and fun and huge! She was a show stopper and people often stopped me, asking where she was from.
Rahni – Perth, WA
Great for play and easy to wash.
I was blown away by the lightweight feel of our mat! The colours are absolutely stunning and it was hard to choose a design if I’m honest! Super easy to clean and even Hubby was surprised at how comfortable and versatile our mat is! Also, amazing customer service from this small business! 
Tamara - Victoria

I love that it is pretty and COMFY! But also versatile, easy to store and carry.
We absolutely love our mat and we take it EVERYWHERE!!! To the beach, park, wineries, you name it’s been there 🙃. Love all the designs too - nice and vibrant! And we love supporting local business with great customer service! 
I love how comfy it is. We use ours everywhere. I even used it under the truck today to lay on when I was doing some maintenance and repairs instead of laying in the dirt.

Love that the pattern stands out for my kids when we're out so they know where we are set up 👌 the size of it 🙌 and how comfy it is. 

I love that it’s compact enough to fit in our pram with all our other crap 😂 stays in our car so no matter where we go it always gets pulled out! Regularly asked to go out to the far so we can have a picnic in the front yard with it.