Care Instructions

How do I wash my mat?

Our mats prefer to be hand washed or the hose off method detailed below. However they are machine washable on a cold delicate or hand-wash cycle with a mild detergent. Ensure the spin function on your machine is off & double check the hand wash or delicate cycle is set to cold. 

The hose off method is the easiest way + it's fun, so the kids might even do the washing for you. 

The 'hose off' method

Simply put your mat on the grass, squirt a bit of dishwashing liquid and then hose off! The dishwashing liquid is a degreaser, so is particularly good at removing any food residue. If your mat has a few food marks, we recommend working the dishwashing liquid into these areas. 

Don't forget to dry your mat flat in the shade.

Extra Protection - Scotch Guarding

To get even more longevity out of your mat and to save you washing it as frequently. You can apply scotch guard fabric + upholstery protector to your mat.

Storing your mat

We recommend ensuring your mat is completely dry before storing. When you get back from the beach, simply shake your mat and hang in the shade to dry.